The deep frozen Lahmacun are produced as ready to sell by Erze's deep freeze bakery with beef toppings. Apart from its excellent properties in handling and storage, the product offers a convincing price-performance ratio.

For a price that lies within the range of trade mark frozen pizzas, the customer gets the product together with a simple salad and therefor within a couple of minutes he will be able to prepare a balanced and tasty meal.

With this combination the product presents a complete synthesis between the requirements of a culture for fast foods and the trend towards healthy nutrition.


Lahmacun is an oriental food whose roots can be traced to the Babylonians. This 5000 years old pastry has experienced a multicultural renaissance in Central Europe over the past two decades.

The dough mostly rolled out and topped with a spicy meat puree, is a good runner in fast food restaurants as a between-meal snack. Mostly known as the "Turkish Pizza", this varied meal is in the top ten of the German fast food market.

Lahmacun is enjoyed in different combinations and for different occasions. Not only rolled with salad, but also straight with "ayran", a Turkish yoghurt drink, or garnished with a simple salad and vegetables.



Pide is a national typical food from Anatolia. A thin kind flat bread in form of a ship - crispy baked.

Kiymali Pide
Kiymali Pide is topped with a delicious lining from pure minced beef, onions, tomatoes and red peppers. Fresh herbs and a secret spice mixture rounds the taste off.

Peynirli Pide
Peynirli Pide is topped with a delicious lining feta cheese and herb mixture. Black pepper and egg white rounds the taste off.